New Amazon SEO Tool Released

A new thread on the Warrior Forum is publicly releasing an awesome looking new Amazon SEO tool specifically for sellers on marketplace. This tool is looking like it will be a game changer for Amazon sellers.

It provides keyword tracking, negative review monitoring, an on page SEO tool, Super URL link tool, keyword generation, sales tracking and more!

Check out just some of the details here in this video:

New Amazon Keyword Tool & Rank Tracking

A new Amazon keyword tool has just been released. It is there to track the keywords inside of the Amazon search engine. This SAAS app is designed to help those selling inside of the Amazon store, by allowing them to focus on their rankings and help optimize their products for the Amazon search algorithm.

You can learn more about the rank tracking tool on these pages:



AMZ Tracker

What Are The Top Life Insurance Companies

What do the Best Life Insurance Companies Have in Common?

competitive term life insurance companies
If you are shopping for life insurance, you will quickly learn that the insurance market is an extraordinarily competitive one, with firms of all shapes and sizes offering a stunning number of plans in an attempt to outdo one another. One way to avoid becoming overwhelmed as you look for the best life insurance companies (details in this post) so plan you can afford is to learn how to recognize a top firm when you see one. How do you do this? Read on.

Longevity Matters

The top life insurance firms are old; this is to say that they have been in business long enough to have built a solid reputation among their peers, their customers and consumer advocate groups. Think of it this way;  if you are looking for the best black bean burrito in town, it makes sense to check out the latest Mexican place to open its doors. If you are looking for the best term life insurance plan in town, walking past the new guys is wise.

Financial Health Matters

In the age of the Internet, it is fairly easy to access information about life insurance firms. The top firms will be highly rated by financial institutions and will have made healthy profits over the past decade. While it is true that the high profits raked in by the insurance industry occasionally raise eyebrows, it is also true that consistently high profits predict future stability.

The Variety of Products Matters

Modern families come in all shapes and sizes and the top life insurance firms are responsive to the special needs of some of their customers. Top life insurance firms might, for example, offer parents of young children, women or seniors special products, like reasonable term plans.

Inflation Policies Matter

Even though of us who are lucky enough to live in countries with fairly stable economies should be aware of the potential effects of inflation on our insurance policies. Not all insurance firms adjust for inflation, making sure that your money will be worth the same in the future as it would be today, though the best of the top firms do.

Exclusion Policies Matter

Life insurance policies have exclusion clauses – perhaps the most well-known exclusion is for suicide. It is important that you ask about the exclusions attached to your policy before buying it. A policy that has a low price may also have a list of exclusions that negatively affect the value of the policy.

To Conclude – Find Competitive Term Life Insurance

What does a top insurance company look like?  Well, its likely old and wealthy, and offers very competitive term life insurance. The firms that receive the top ratings the industry has to offer, year after year, have a long history. It probably offers a wide range of smart products that have been designed to meet the needs of the modern family. Oh, and their fine print will hold no surprises and they will adjust your money for inflation, giving you the payout you expect. If a top insurance firm were to appear in human form, it would look like a wealthy, fit, friendly woman in her 70s who is loving life.

Prepping for the End

As people all over the world are captivated by end-of-the-world scenarios, it should come as no surprise that a clever television producer has been able to successfully ride this wave of paranoia to the shore of success.  Have you heard of National Geographic Channel’s show, Doomsday Preppers?  It is wildly entertaining, if not slightly farfetched.  However, it provides one important service for society.  It forces us to consider the big “what if”.

What if the world, as we know it, collapsed due to a massive natural disaster, a sudden economic decline, or a fuel shortage that crippled our country?  Other than panicking and calling 911, what would you do?  I would argue that many, if not all of us, take the wide availability of life’s necessities for granted.  What do you do if the grocery store’s shelves were empty or the gas station no longer sold fuel?


What Are Electrical Symbols Anyway?

Most of us have only a vague notion of what an electrical symbol is; we know they exist, but that is about it. Answering a basic question like “Does a lamp have an electrical symbol?” has us scratching our heads. You know, you may find yourself, one day, applying for a work permit for your home and in need of an electrical diagram that includes electrical symbol information. I know. Here is some general knowledge that most of us should probably be aware of.

So, What is an Electrical Symbol, Again?

An electrical symbol is simply a pictogram that is used to represent electrical components in an electrical diagram or a wiring schematic. Nothing more. There are electrical symbols for lamps, different kinds of light switches, wires. The direction of the flow of an electrical current can also be shown by a symbol. For more information on these symbols visit

Does Everyone Use the Same Electrical Symbols?

No, but stay with me! Different countries and even different companies use some different electrical symbols. There are manuals and online references that list most of the electrical symbols in use today. The good news is that for the average homeowner, the number of electrical symbols you need to be able to recognize is relatively small. And most electricians, engineers and architects use the same basic symbols; there is more variation, as the list gets longer.

Would it be Easier To Just Use Words?

Not really. (But I like how you think!) Trying to fit labels into a diagram or schematic makes things look crowded pretty quickly. Clear electrical symbols accompanied by an easy-to-read legend make for schematics and diagrams that are easily read and understood by those who need to use them.

Just Who Does Need this Electrical Symbol Information?

A wide variety of people – a regular homeowner who is changing out her light switches to dimmers and needs to read the electrical plan for her house; an engineer who needs to know how energy is flowing through a skyscraper; an architect who is passing off his plans to a electrical contractor; an engineering student who needs to show her professor that she understands how to draw an electrical plan.

Okay, But How Likely is it I Will Ever Need This Information?

One case where understanding electronic symbols could be handy has already been mentioned – if, as a homeowner you are applying for a work permit for your home, you will likely have to submit an electrical plan. Obviously, it is helpful if you can understand the plan and therefore verify its accuracy.

If ever you need to call an electrician into your home to help you solve a problem or make some changes, she will need to use this plan. Basically, how much you want to learn about how electricity flows through your home is up to you, but being able to read a schematic at a basic level is useful.

Let’s Wrap Up

Basic electrical symbols are easy to understand and you can find them on the blueprints for your home or on an electrical plan for your home, accompanied by a legend. You can easily learn to understand them and therefore understand just what that electrician just told you about the flickering light in the bathroom.


Tinnitus Can Happen To Anyone

Hearing Loss: Not Just for the Elderly

 We’ve all dealt with it: Teenagers who you’ll talk at for ten, fifteen minutes at a time before you realize they didn’t hear a word you said — the ear buds were in tight all along. Ironically, a few years down the line, your words might fly over their head not because of music, but because of hearing loss.

Hearing Damage in your Pocket
While youth tend to view their iPods and mp3 players as portable entertainment, they just as often ignore the damage they might be doing to their hearing when they listen. According to Cory Portnuff of the University of Colorado, just five minutes at maximum volume can increase the risk of hearing loss.  That’s one average song. And most people listen to far more than a single track. Even listening at lower levels carries risks: A few hours of play at much lower levels, say, 70% of maximum volume, can still lead to an increased risk of hearing impairment, highlighting the reasons teenagers and young adults should be more conscious of how loud and how long they’re jamming out. After exposure to loud noise such as this, it is VERY important to take some sort of natural tinnitus treatment in order to minimize permanent damage and mitigate risk of tinnitus symptoms (ringing in the ears).

How To Stop Ringing In The Ears Home Remedy

Connect to African Heritage through Traditional Mud Cloths

One of the most unique forms of African art that is currently enjoying a surge in popularity across the world is African Mud Cloth.  Mud cloth is crafted from the rich dyes which are produced from the various mud and plants found in a relatively localized section of eastern and northern Mali.  Each handcrafted piece of cloth tells a story from the local village where it was created and no two cloths are the same.

Today, due to the distinctive aspects of African culture represented, and prominently displayed on the cloth, many Americans of African decent are purchasing these cloths as a way to reconnect with their traditional cultural heritage.  Additionally, mud cloths are also being framed and hung in galleries across the world which specializes in African history in order to educate the public about this ancient form of creative expression.


Adrafinil Information

Adrafinil is a non-prescription supplement that acts as a powerful stimulant. This product features an active ingredient, adrafinil, which is commonly used to treat obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. If you can’t seem to stay awake when you really need to, your health and safety may be at risk. For people like you, adrafinil offers many benefits, including increased mental alertness, cognitive functioning and wakefulness. However, adrafinil will not resolve health conditions permanently, so people with chronic sleep disorders will need to stay on the drug over the long term in order to manage their symptoms.

If you want to order adrafinil online online, you’ll need a valid prescription from your family doctor. You may register at an online shop and then enter supplement details into a convenient, online form. You’ll also need to enter other personal information, such as your credit card number, name and address. Before handing over sensitive information, be sure you’re ordering from a truly reputable online merchant.


Shoes For Crossfit

crossfit shoes

If you’re searching for functional, stylish and affordable shoes for crossfit workouts, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a host of excellent options available from online retailers and bricks-and-mortar shoe stores right in your own community. However, shopping for crossfit shoes online may allow you to find a better deal on your sports footwear, as online retailers have lower overhead and often pass savings on to their valued clientele.

What Makes Up A Good Crossfit Shoe?

This site about shoes for crossfitters has detailed that good shoes will feature rugged construction, Vibram rubber soles, and breathable uppers that keep feet cool and comfortable during even the most grueling crossfit workouts. Crossfit shoes shouldn’t have gel sole inserts, as these gel materials don’t have enough support and stability for weightlifting and other strenuous crossfit tasks. Examples of hot crossfit shoes with all of the bells and whistles include the Reebok Crossfit Nano and the Inov-8 F-Lite 195. Both of these superior styles are lightweight, yet totally durable and functional.

Quotes For High Risk Life Insurance

High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

High risk life insurance is there for people who have trouble getting typical life insurance policies due to their risk-taking lifestyles or pre-existing medical conditions; if you’re in this category, you may want to know how free online high risk life insurance quotes can be used to help you find a better deal on this type of life insurance. As you may already realize, high risk life insurance doesn’t usually come cheap.

Since people who apply for this type of life insurance are more likely to die while performing extreme activities (such as flying planes or sky diving), or due to their medical health problems (such as diabetes or heart conditions), insurance companies need to pay out on these term life insurance policies with higher frequency.

As these payouts cost insurance providers good money, they balance the cost of offering high risk life insurance by boosting their premiums. If you can afford it, this type of insurance offers you a fail-safe way to provide your chosen beneficiary with monies in their event of your passing. However, for some people, the cost of high risk life insurance is simply prohibitive.

Can You Afford High Risk Life Insurance?

If you feel that can’t afford high risk life insurance, using online quote calculators will be a great way to find out if there is a way to factor this type of insurance into your budget. Free high risk life insurance quotes are available online, and they offer realistic assessments of premium costs, based on your own age, health, high-risk activities, et cetera.

Most of these calculators or other free quotation services may be found at the official websites of major and smaller insurance providers. Examples of large insurers who offer high risk life insurance quotes through online calculators or email interactions include Metlife and Prudential. When you use high risk life insurance quote calculators, you’ll need to specify certain criteria, such as your preferred level of coverage. The more money that you want for your beneficiary in the event of your death, the more you will pay in premiums. In addition, you’ll need to specify your age, whether or not you smoke, and what your contact information is.

Most quote calculators of this type will automatically adjust your answers into the right category, which is high risk life insurance. People who smoke or perform high-risk activities are usually out of the running for conventional term life insurance. By realistically assessing how much it will cost to get the coverage that you need, you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not this insurance type is affordable.

Now that you know more about the way that high risk life insurance quotes facilitate the process of choosing insurance, why not test them out via the official websites of various reputable insurance providers? Thanks to the power of the World Wide Web, it’s now possible to get the high risk life insurance quotes that you need in a very short period of time, and using these convenient calculators is just so easy and quick.