Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Jailbreak iphone 4s

Edit April 2013: As of now the only jailbreak solution that is still safely working is from The Jailbreak Shop (banner above)

Jailbreak and iphones – what do the two have in common? Nothing, you may say since people, not phones, go to jail. But that would only be if you were of my own generation – a technologically challenged one! Most school children are likely to know what is involved in jail breaking an iphone. Simply put, it is using a code or other program to break the phone out of the tethered confines of the contracted provider, and making it possible for the user to access music, games and other fun activities available elsewhere.

The IPhone 4S is among the most popular devices which used for communication as well as entertainment. The 4S is manufactured by Apple, an internationally known company. This phone first came on the market in October of 2011 and a few weeks later, Apple announced its successor – the iPhone 5. With its voice recognition (Siri), multi-torch screen and “language friendly” features”, the jailbroken iPhone 4S still remains popular. Its helpful software is predictive and suggestive and includes several dialects as well as a spell-check.

So it’s possible to jailbreak iPhone 4s now, eh?

As of February 2013, it is possible for the iPhone 4S to be upgraded to iOS 6.1.2. It can act as a hotspot while sharing internet connection over WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. Interestingly, Steve Jobs – one of the brains behind this device – died the day after the 4S was announced to the world. But though this iPhone 4S is special, you probably also have met the iPhone 5, mentioned above, and the 3G iPhone. (http://www.wikipedia.com/)

Jailbreak iPhone 4s Now

Why is it a good idea to jailbreak my iPhone 4s?

Besides being entertaining and useful, all these devices may be improved. How? Through the use of jail breaking or unlocking. Unlocking your phone makes it possible for you to connect with other networks and to enjoy the added benefits they provide. Many of us who still fear commitment will find jail breaking truly liberating, since it disposes of the need for long, binding contracts.

According to Jeff Benjamin, “innovation in the jailbreak community was being stifled by sometimes lazy developers, but mostly by Apple’s efforts to stamp out jailbreaking”. In spite of this, Benjamin states, there still has recently been a lot of innovation in this technique. Though “most of that innovation was earlier in the year…,there have been lots of great jailbreak tweaks to come out in the last 12 months”.

jailbroken iphone 4s

Below is listed what Mr. Benjamin thinks are the “best jailbreak” efforts of 2013:

Ø      Blutrol – Use the iCade arcade cabinet with unsupported games

Ø      Aero – Allows you to switch apps with style

Ø      Animate All – Animate the Lock screen, Home screen, Notification center

Ø      Ayecome – Simply the best jailbreak theme ever

Ø      Camera Tweak – The most robust camera tweak to ever grace Cydia

Ø      Dash – Provides you with a full screen app switcher

Ø      Dashboard X – Finally adds read working widgets to iOS

Ø      Deck – Access a plethora of system functions via a handy hot bar

Ø      Emblem – OS X inspired notifications on iOS

Ø      Fold Music – Adds music directly to Home screen folders

Ø      Wee Roll – Adds a dozen animations to Notification Center

Ø      Hands Free Control – Contol  Siri with no hands

Ø      Merge – Combines iMessages by contact

Ø      Motion – Adds crazy animated havoc to Home screen icons

Ø      Now Now – Uses Siri to invoke Google voice search

Ø      Octopus Keyboard – The Blackberry 10 inspired Keyboard

Ø      Paper lock – Another cool slide to unlock modification

Ø      Quasar – Run multiples side by side

Ø      Stride – Unlock your phone using 8-bit drawings

Ø      Swipe back – Easily navigate backwards with a swipe

Ø      Swipe Selection – How text editing on the iPhone should be

Ø      Unfold – Unlock your iPhone accordion style

Ø      Assistant Love – Use Siri to play music with Spotify

Ø      Auxo – iDB’s 2012 Tweak of the Year

This last device is what Benjamin calls the “tweak of the year”. Auxo started as a concept and was developed by a “talented design team”. It is not yet available for all devices as iOS versions.

Apple’s Unlocked iPhones

Despite Mr. Benjamin’s’ complaints about Apple, this company has begun selling contract-free unlocked GSM models of the iPhone 5, both in stores and online. To find this new unlocked option, go to Apple’s web store under the carrier choices which are on the iPhone 5 page. The label on the link you need is “get iPhone unlocked and contract-free”. Clicking this clink will display unlocked iPhone models and prices.

“You can activate and use iPhone on the supported GSM wireless network of your choice in the United States”, says the Apple website. A point to note is that “the unlocked iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will not work with CDMA-based carriers such as Sprint”.

Though the unlocked iPhone could be your best choice if you are going abroad, you will need to get a SIM card from a GSM supported carrier for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, since these do not come with a SIM card. This is extra easy to install.(http://www.wikepedia.com/)


Here is another device which you may effectively use to jailbreak your iphone 4s (Update this method is no longer working properly. The only one that still works is from The Jailbreak Shop)

iphone 4s jailbreaking

Just follow these instructions: (Edit: Again, the instructions below are no longer valid and can brick an iphone. ONLY USE THE JAILBREAK SHOP BANNER ABOVE OR YOU COULD PERMANENTLY RUIN YOUR iPHONE 4S!!!)

Ø      1.Make a backup of your iphone in ITunes by right clicking on your device name under the ‘Devices’ menu and click on ‘Back Up’.

Ø      2. When your backup is complete, return to your iphone and go to Settings, General, Reset and erase all content Settings. This will speed up the Jailbreak process.

Ø      3. Open up Absinthe while you remain connected through USB to your computer.

Ø      4. Click on ‘Jailbreak’ and wait as the application is performed. This may take a little time.

Ø      5. Having been jailbroken,, return to iTunes and restore your backup. Right click on the name of your device under the ‘Devices’ menu in the left panel of iTunes. Click ‘Restore’ from Back Up. Select the latest backup you created before. When you restore this backup, all the apps, photos, etc. which you had stored, should return to your iphone.

There you go, jailbreaker!

Jailbreak The iPhone 4s