Jailbreak iPhone 5

How and Why You Need to Jailbreak iPhone 5

But why should I jailbreak iPhone 5?

Most people don’t know that you can use many different services and software types, some free and some not for free, to jailbreak your iPhone 5 and release the full potential of your phone. One of the most exciting and nostalgic things you can do once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 5 is install some awesome old school video game emulator apps and play the oldies but goodies from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game collections of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Imagine fighting your way through Contra (don’t forget to dust off that old up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start code), or jumping on Goombas and Koopas in Super Mario Brothers on your iPhone 5, or 4s, while you impress your friends with your mad level warping, fireball-spitting, King Bowser killing, and high points scoring skills!


Now the Burning Question: How to jailbreak iPhone 5

There isn’t one fast and simple answer out there for ideas on how to jail break your iPhone 5. However, there are some awesome dev team members out there who have put a lot of time and energy into creating spectacular apps that will work with iOS 6 (iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2 are both easy to jailbreak). Lots of people have had success with jailbreaking apps and tools like Cydia, Redsnow, Absinthe, and Greenpois0n. With these tools and apps, you can not only install old school NES emulators and roms (more about that later), you can also unlock all of the iPhone 5 features that the hardware is capable of running.

Jailbreak iPhone 5: It IS all fun and (NES) games!

Not only can you access all of the practical features of your iPhone 5 once it is unlocked, you can also rock the classic games to show your retro style and show off your cultural knowledge. There are so many different ways to get a hold of NES roms on the internet once you find a suitable emulator (most people use nes.emu, tigernes, etc – there are so many good versions – some free and some not for free but available for a good price and no ads) you will be playing in no time.



A Quick Checklist to Jailbreak iPhone 5 for Your Classic Gaming Pleasure

Here’s a simple list to follow that will allow you to go from stock iPhone 5 to awesome old school gaming device:

  1. Look around for a good jailbreak program and a “how to” that fits you best (they are literally all over the internet – read the descriptions of each one to see what will best fit your needs. As mentioned above, some of the most popular programs and tools are redsnow, greenpois0n, cydia and absinthe).
  2. Check to see if you want to run tethered or untethered (tethered just means that you will have to have your iPhone plugged in to a computer to run the programs – usually tethered jail break apps are new versions that are working on becoming untethered – untethered is where you can have mobile freedom by not being connected to a computer).
  3. Search out NES emulators for jailbroken iPhone 5, or 4s, or whatever model you have (note: you will find some programs that tell you you DON’T need to jailbreak your phone – that is only true if you have a guerilla dev team in your basement that has the time to go through the unlocking and installing procedure for every app you want to try – better to just jailbreak the phone then find apps that are designed for full and open use of the device).
  4. Find some cool roms to play. Again, these are all over the place, so there is not one way to do this. You have the freedom to choose how you want to download and install your roms now that your iPhone is jailbroken, so go nuts.

What else can I do after I am done playing games on my jailbroken iPhone 5?

There are actually so many benefits to having an unlocked phone that there isn’t enough room to list them all in one sitting. However, most people who have discovered the freedom of having a jailbroken iPhone will tell you that there is never any reason to worry about all of the nay-sayers who complain that you can damage your phone or void your warranty by jailbreaking it. That is the same as saying that you will ruin your car by taking off the speed governor or that you will void the warranty on your television by hooking it up to a blu-ray player and cable box. You have the right to get the full potential out of your device – it isn’t illegal! Your phone is designed by professionals to do everything a modern computer can do and be mobile at the same time. The jailbreak iphone 5 limits are in place for what is best referred to as the “least common denominators” among us – the dummies that ruin the fun for everyone else. Sure, you have to read better than a 5 year-old and be able to follow a set of instructions (if you can make macaroni and cheese, you can jailbreak your phone). But it isn’t difficult and it won’t kill your phone.

Finally, the Practical Benefits Outweigh the Risks of Jail Breaking

So, what are the additional benefits to having a jailbroken iPhone 5 after getting your old school NES on? Here’s a rundown of the things most people like to do when they unlock the full potential of their iPhone:

  • Changing their layout (user interface) options to make life easier
  • Set-up a more efficient file manager so they can keep their files organized
  • Take full advantage of their clipboard space by being able to copy and paste at will
  • Adding customizable widgets
  • Using all the mobile networking solutions built into the phone (“hot-spot” in other lingo)

That last point is one of the most useful features for iPhone users who want to use all of the data they pay for through their mobile carrier and not have to pay for WiFi services when they are on the go. Depending on your data plan, you could run a decent stream of 3g data to a laptop, tablet, or even desktop if you have it on the go. If you are already paying for data – especially unlimited data – you are one jailbreak away from not having to go through your normal ISP to get data around the house or on the beach.

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